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Friday 13th | Jan. 13, 2023

Tattoo & Piercing Special! First come, first serve. Walk-ins only, no appointments. Only tattooing pre-set design sheets, they will be posted in lobby the day of event. Tattooing arms & legs only. Limit 2 tattoos per person. *Every person who gets a tattoo or piercing will receive 1 free raffle ticket to win a Jason Voorhees Funko POP! You can not buy raffle tickets.

Exclusively for our clients that participate in our Friday 13th Special this month.  


1. Must follow @SessionsTattooClub instagram.

2. Share instagram post

3. Tag 2 friends

4. Get a tattoo or piercing during 1-13-23 Friday 13th event.

    See you Friday!

Piercing $31 + $9 tip.

Ear lobes, helix, eyebrow, single nostril, single lip, labret

Piercing $41 + $9 tip.

Conch, tragus, rook, daith, philtrum/medusa, vertical labret, monroe, single nipple and navel

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