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Best in Las Vegas


Early mornings & late nights definitely paid off! I want to give a huge thank you to all our clients & everyone who supports the shop, you all helped make this possible. We reached out to you for votes & you truly delivered! I signed up for this competition a week late & we still came out on top.

I had faith in our team & clients. Shout out to the team for their hard work, dedication, artistry & loyalty to the shop.


Sincere thank you to everyone! 

Jesse Zarate Owner/ Tattoo Artist


Local tattoo shop adds convenient artistry for the Las Vegas crowd


Art comes alive at Sessions Tattoo Club. The many talented artists at the tattoo parlor create unique tattoos for every customer who walks in the door. Located conveniently close to the Strip, Sessions Tattoo makes it easy for people to step in and get a tattoo on the spot, although it does recommend that customers make appointments ahead of time to guarantee artist availability and have time for a consultation.


Begun in 2013, Sessions Tattoo Club has made a name for itself by becoming one of the most well-known and reputable tattoo shops in Vegas. “We pride ourselves on being a very versatile shop,” said Jesse Zarate, the shop’s owner. Their style range consists of simple, complex, traditional, neo-traditional, black and gray, color, lettering, and even Japanese.


Most often, the shop handles a lot of walk-ins because of how close it is to the Strip. Thankfully, the shop's artists are always ready for the occasional unexpected rush. “Walk-ins are pretty frequent, considering we are only 10 minutes from the Strip,” Jesse said. They have multiple artists on staff daily to accommodate the spur-of-the-moment tattoo requests and also provide custom hand-drawn designs for larger pieces.


Sessions Tattoo tackles a variety of requests ranging from small pieces like poker chips and playing cards to larger ones like full sleeves. They all cost differently and vary in time length depending on what the customer wants. “The average time it takes for a tattoo to be completed from start to finish depends on overall size, design details, and also a client's pain tolerance,” Jesse said.

“The longer they can sit still, the faster the process goes, but larger pieces such as sleeves and back pieces require multiple sessions and cost more,” he said. For every tattoo session done at the shop without an appointment, the customer should have a general idea to what they want before they walk in. Color tattoos are more expensive than black and gray as they do take longer to complete. However, Sessions’ prices are very competitive.

Not only does the tattoo shop provide award-winning tattoo services, but it also has piercing options. Depending on the location and the jewelry quality, prices vary.

The shop's piercing areas are lobes, nostrils, navel (belly), nipples, and more.


Additionally, every artist station at the shop is thoroughly cleaned and needles are always replaced before every appointment to ensure clients everything is clean and sanitary. After every appointment, the artists and piercers provide aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of infection or ink bleeds. Whether someone is looking for a small tattoo, a full sleeve of ink, or even a piercing, Sessions Tattoo Club caters to all their customers' needs. 


“For us, no tattoo is too small or too big,” Zarate said.

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